Time to adjust my lathe and add a DRO to the X axis.

I’d seen people use cheap digital calipers as DRO’s on minilathes. I found this DRO on amazon for $30, so I decided I’d add it to my lathe.

Here is the DRO mounted on the back side of the lathe.

The bracket on the right hand side is using the existing M10 hole in the lathe bed.

The bracket was relatively easy to make up, I used some 1/8” AL plate I had. I reduced the thickness of the bracket to about 1/16” around the screws on the DRO because the supplied mounting screws were very short and I didn’t have any other M4 screws.

I drilled and tapped the saddle to take a single #6-32 bolt.

I have to say after the gib adjustment and adding the DRO it’s like a different machine.

I turned the piston rod for the piston in Elmers #25 and there was minimal chatter, I could take larger cuts and the finish was greatly improved.

The biggest difference however was parting off the piece, it’s hard to describe just how much better it was.